Yes, The Bachelor’s Cassie Is on a Reality Docuseries – Here’s Where You Can Watch It


A few weeks into season 23 of The Bachelor, fans of contestant Cassie Randolph discovered and promptly spread the word that the front runner also stars in a reality documentary series. Titled Young Once, the online docuseries follows a group of young Christians living in California, including Cassie and her now-ex-boyfriend Caelan Tiongson as they navigate the role faith plays in their everyday lives. Although the first season was filmed way back in 2015, the second season was shot in the Summer of 2018 and just so happens to be airing right now in tandem with episodes of The Bachelor, thus prompting many fans to question the timeline of Cassie and Caelan’s breakup.

Cassie and her former flame have since both shared lengthy social media posts to set the record straight about their on-again-off-again relationship. On Feb. 6, Caelan took to Instagram, writing, “Make no mistake that Young Once was filmed before The Bachelor, and the fact that they are airing at the same time is a strategy to attract viewers.” He added that “Cassie was receiving a lot of negativity for our past relationship” and “nobody has the right to tell her whether or not she has good intentions.”

Just a day later, Cassie echoed her ex’s statement in her own Instagram post, writing, “We were on and off for so long that turning it off for good was a difficult decision as I truly didn’t want to regret giving up if we were meant to be. But certain things were unhealthy and it became clear we were supposed to move on.” The 23-year-old added that she and Caelan filmed the series’s second season for a few weeks together before he headed to Asia to play professional basketball and before she found out that she was cast on The Bachelor. “The timing of everything was completely chance. I care very much about Caelan and I want nothing but the best for him and his life,” Cassie wrote.

All timeline explanations aside, we know Bachelor fans are still interested to catch a glimpse at Cassie’s pre-Colton life, and you can! All eight episodes of Young Once‘s first season are available to watch on YouTube right now. Season two, however, seems to only be available to watch on for now, with new episodes getting unlocked every Monday (yep, the exact same day The Bachelor airs). Keep reading to watch the entire first season of the docuseries, along with a sneak peek at what’s in store during season two.

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