Wendy Williams Finally Confirms Kevin Hunter ‘Had A Baby With Another Woman’


Rumors have been going around that not only did Kevin Hunter cheat on his estranged wife, Wendy Williams, but that his years-long affair resulted in a baby! Supposedly, the infant was born back in March, which led to his and Wendy’s marriage falling apart for good.

However, neither the affair, nor the love child had been confirmed until now!

But while out and about with a mystery man, Wendy told a TMZ reporter: ‘Look, my husband had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years…where I was cooped up only to be a show pony. Now, I’m living my life.’

The talk show host did not mention any names as far as who the mistress could be but the speculations have been saying it’s Sharina Hudson, a 34-year-old massage therapist, who welcomed a baby back on March 25, in a Philadelphia hospital.

This is all according to a Page Six report but the piece of news is yet to be confirmed.

Wendy’s statement is a big change from that time in 2017 when she declared ‘I stand by my guy’ amid cheating speculations.

And while she never addressed the affair before in the aftermath of their divorce, she did talk about some women not having respect for marriage on her show.’

While she did not drop any names, Wendy caused people to think she was dissing the mistress.

‘There are a lot of women with no respect for a marriage. Do you know what I’m saying? A lot of women who know that your man is married and will still have the nerve to be right up under him and right up under your nose.’

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