Safaree Says He Needs His Own Dressing Room So He Can Be Surprised After Erica Mena Pics Her Outfit – He Hints At A Potential New Reality Show


Safaree shared a video in which he meets with Erica Mena and literally drools over her look. He’s telling fans that they dressed separately, but they still ended up with matching outfits.

He also made sure to hint at the fact that they might have a new reality TV in mind. Fans simply adore this couple, and they told them this in the comments.

‘We get dressed separately and still end up matching 😝 I still need my own dressing room cuz I like to be surprised when I see her after she picks her outfit 😂 money Can’t buy this Glow up 🏆💫‼ Aye quick question when we getting our own show? Tv looking pretty boring 🤷🏾‍♂️,’ Safaree captioned his video.

Someone said, ‘I love y’all so sure about each other so unified and don’t let nothing or no one get between that keep pushing ✊🏾

Another follower posted: ‘No more reality shows. Way too many of them already..Start a business together and keep the money flowing.’

A fan said, ‘Y’all kill me saying they not that important to watch ..YEEEETTTTTTTT and STILLL you all are visiting his page and commenting 🤔🤔🤔 Apparently approximately 404,000 people think so from just this video.’

Someone wrote, ‘The way I love you two!!! Where the babies at. The world is not ready for such cuteness but you gotta procreate lol.’

One other commenter posted, ‘I just love the two of you together! Super beautiful couple! Keep killing em out here! @iamerica_mena @safaree 🥰😘🤗

Erica managed to blow people’s minds when she shared some pics at the beach.

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