Literary drama: YA Author Tomi Adeyemi comes for Legend Nora Roberts and misses


what happened

  • Tomi Adeyemi (25) is the author of ‘Children of Blood and Bone’, a young adult fantasy novel published in March 2018. The book was optioned for film before publication, and her publishing deal is seven figures.
  • Nora Roberts (68) is a famous romance novelist. She’s written over 225 books, and has a net worth of $370 million.
  • NR has a book coming out called “Of Blood and Bone”. TA got a lil big for her britches, and accused NR of plagiarizing. When she realized she was wrong, she offered a non-apology.
  • NR was NOT having it, and ethered TA in a blog post. Some choice excerpts under the cut:

Recently another writer used her social media forums to baselessly, recklessly accuse me of stealing the title of her book–which is bullshit right off–to attempt to profit from this theft. She had no facts, just her emotions, and threw this out there for her followers.

I titled this particular book, wrote this book, turned this book into my publisher nearly a year before her book–a first novel–was published. So unless I conquered the time/space continuum, my book was actually titled before hers. Regardless, you can’t copyright a title. And titles, like broad ideas, just float around in the creative clouds. It’s what’s inside that counts.

I was accused of plagiarism–for a title–of stealing her ideas–though I had never heard of her book before this firestorm, have never read her book.

And trust me, I never will now.

source: TA’s first tweet
source: TA’s second tweet
source: NR’s blog post

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