Former Disney star Bella Thorne directs film for Pornhub


NEW YORK (AP) — Former Disney star Bella Thorne has defended her decision to direct a porn film.

In a behind-the-scenes video, 21-year-old Thorne called out people who are uncomfortable with the genre.

“If you think that porn is uncomfortable, I’m sorry that you are uncomfortable, but don’t make other people feel uncomfortable for being OK with it,” she said in a behind-the-scenes video.

Bella Thorne celebrates Fourth of July

“Because at the end of the day it is sex and it’s something that the human body wants, it needs, it constantly craves for it. It’s just a very understandable thing and if you’re scared of it, that’s fine. To each their own. But don’t tear somebody else down because they’re confident with their sexuality.”

Bella Thorne in June 2019.

The actress, author and musician joined PornHub’s Visionaries Director’s Series with Her & Him, also to be shown at The Odenburg Film Festival in Germany from September 11 to September 15.

Her film, featuring a very large knife along with, well, porn, tells the Romeo and Juliet-like story of two star-crossed lovers, said Pornhub vice president Corey Price in a statement.

Their love is reckless and dangerous and “transcends time and space.”

Watch Bella Thorne in the Disney series Shake It Up in the clip below.

Bella Thorne in Disney series Shake It Up

She follows rapper Young M.A. and singer-rapper Brooke Candy in the film series.

Thorne has produced a dark and deeply personal collection of poetry and appeared as a teen in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up.

She co-starred in the film The DUFF.

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